Patrick Hamilton

Gas Light

Director: Erich Martin Wolf
Assistant: Pani Stamatopolos
Stage Design: Siegbert Zivny
Costume Design: Bigi´s Kostümatelier  

Jack Manningham: Randolf Destaller
Bella Manningham: Anna Sophie Krenn
Mr. William Rough: Michael Mischinsky
Elisabeth: Victoria Morawetz
Nancy Pears: May Garzon

A murder mystery revealed!

Alice Barlow is murdered by an unknown man, who then ransacks her house, looking for her valuable and famous rubies. The house remains empty for years, until newlyweds Jack and Bella Manningham move in.
Bella soon finds herself misplacing small objects; and, before long, Jack has her believing she is losing her sanity. Mr. William Rough, a detective from Scotland Yard involved in the original murder investigation, immediately suspects him of Alice Barlow's murder.

Gas Light

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Jack uses the gas lamps to search the closed off upper floors, which causes the rest of the lamps in the house to dim slightly. When Bella comments on the lights' dimming, he tells her she is imagining things. Bella is persuaded she is hearing noises, unaware that Jack enters the upper floors from the house next door.

The sinister interpretation of the change in light levels is part of a larger pattern of deception to which Bella is subjected. It is revealed Jack is a bigamist. He is the wanted Sidney Power, who has returned to the house to search for the rubies he was unable to find after the murder.