Wilhelm Reich

Listen, Little Man!

Listen. Little Mann by Willhelm Reich
S. Fischer Verlag

The most disturbing essay written in the 20th century.

Written in American exile in 1946 at the end of World War 2

Listen, Little Man! is a human and not a scientific document. It was written in the summer of 1945 without the intention of publishing it. It is an appeal to humanity to end self destruction and to concentrate on its true needs.

Our “living force” does not ask for power but for its proper role in human life. It is based on the three pillars of love, work and knowledge. The essay discusses the tragedies of the last century in a passionate accusal. National Socialism, Stalinism, war, and racism are all reflected-upon, from the perspective of the little man who made possible and blindly supported this tragic era.  

It is...> a powerful, intensive critique at armoured normal individuals. It is easy enough to comprehend to anyone who is open for uncomfortable truths. <  
(Myron Sharaf)  

Multimedia Performance  

This peace was realised as a multimedia theatrical piece accompanied by live cello, video, background projections and followed by an open discussion with the audience. Its general themes, encompass the fields of politics, culture, sciences and economy. 

Do the little men and the little women still preside among us or is the essay to be understood exclusively in a historical context? This question comes to mind while reading and searching for parallels today.

Where does our society stand nowadays, at the beginning of this new millennium, a society that for years has tried to inculcate democratic values, human rights and the rights of women, to use atomic energy, and to realise social integration?  

Do the little men and the little women still live amongst us?